coventry. westmidland


West Milands  

Form House started today 23/04/2018 

full repaint front & back, 

2 Top Road CV7 9LE, IT is DR D'souza farmhouse .

All work done know on his form house and i did his wall as well, 

p.s i have more work to do in his house 3 bedrooms and landing as well, and 2 more houses do do as well, 

Just painting the bedroom with a new colour  and painted the wardrobes with a new colour, , the house is on farren rd, wyken, 23/03/2018, 

started this Job on monday it a bit of a up & Down one never been paint for 20 yrs 3 days of prep work on the wood work and some on the walls, I have the Halway to do yet,I be putting White Emulsion on the walls first then i can put some cream paint on the walls. the house is of blackberry rd coventry, 

all the front of the house is finish at 187 farren. rd 

wyken, coventry,  14/06/2017.

the owner is very happy with my work, 

The house is on Farren rd 187

wyken coventry.

IT having a full repaint White,

started on 19/05/207 

Look at the top photo same house,

Started this house today 3/08/2017, at 225 farren rd, in wyken coventry, 

long living room. 1 wall will have new wallpaper on. then there be 3 walls emulsion and gloss woodwork ,

 i be putting the 2 new photo on  when i have finished  the living room. here is the 2 new photos all finished today, 11/08/2017 .

job well done,

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